Ex-Pat Committee

The goal of the Ex-Pat Committee is to recruit top talent back to El Paso by helping to connect them with quality jobs in the region. Progress321 wants to help increase economic development in El Paso, one of the poorest communities in the U.S. Progress321 wants to attract qualified people who have El Paso roots to eliminate the brain drain that currently plagues El Paso as educated El Pasoans leave to take jobs in bigger, more economically developed areas. Progressors are connecting experienced professionals who are looking to return to the region with high-quality job opportunities because these opportunities are often difficult to identify when people are away from the region or lost their networks.

Committee members are partnering with local companies with open positions and creating a database of ex-pats that can register and create a profile at www.p321.org. Jobs will be posted on this site and interested ex-pats can connect directly with the employer and submit a resumé. Committee members will also match potential candidates with local mentors and provide cost of living information.