Juarez El Paso Magico

Juarez Magico is the largest mega-mural project of its kind. It was started as a bi-national initiative of Amor Por Juarez to paint 210 houses in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Juarez, MX, Anapra. The area has a long history of crime and drug violence and residents have been able to enjoy community based workshops and are helping to beautifying their owns homes.

The implementation of an art intervention will help to transform neighborhood walls and homes into public works of art. Public workshops will get the community involved and invested in the creative activities in which they’re participating. The project seeks to remove the stigma from the area and to attract bi-national tourism to help transform the area into one that is rich in traditions, arts, and culture. The mega-mural is visible from I-10 West between Downtown El Paso and the University of Texas El Paso.

Phase II of the project involves creating a mega-mural in El Paso on a median of I-10 East heading towards Downtown. Residents living in the Anapra area will be able to enjoy the mural visible from their neighborhood. Progress321 committee members were able to help create awareness of this project and help Amor For Juarez with its fundraising efforts.

This bi-national collaboration has had a positive community impact that will last for years to come.