Project Combina


Project Combina is a combination of an academic fellowship with a focus on reading and writing, a soccer team, a mentoring program and a community involvement club. Project Combina exists to increase the rate of athletic recruitment of regional high school boys and girls soccer players in El Paso, Texas. El Paso is the 6th poorest community in the U.S.

The goal of Project Combina is to leverage the athletic talent of local youth in mainly low-income areas to enable them to go to college, help them achieve academic success and develop a commitment to serving their community. It will include a showcase event to bring together the best talent in the region which will be disseminated to potential college recruiters in hopes of encouraging students to continue their education and getting the students scholarships to which they normally would not have access.

Progressors are working with existing club teams and development programs in the region and developing educational aspects to help explain the NCAA recruiting strategies to players and their families.  Progressors are also developing ways to facilitate and bring positive attention to the region for scouts and head coaches.