22-Story Mixed-Use Tower Planned

SOURCE: El Paso Development News

A Florida based developer plans to build a mixed-use tower in West El Paso in the coming years, according to City documents. The 22-story highrise will go up near the corner of Sunland Park Drive and Mesa Street on a currently vacant lot, on Shadow Mountain Drive.


A rendering of the Shadow Mountain mixed use tower, planned for West El Paso. (Meyers Group)

The tower will be a mix of hotel and apartment units, with retail proposed for the ground floor. It will rise 256 feet, making it the second tallest building in El Paso. The Wells Fargo building in Downtown El Paso is 296 feet tall.

Plans are to create 228 apartment units and 219 hotel units, with residences located on the 11th floor and above. The hotel rooms will be located from the second to the tenth floors.

The ground floor lobby areas will be accompanied by 42,000 square feet of retail space. A five story garage will provide over 700 parking spaces for the development.

According to master zoning documents, the building will be “unique” to El Paso and include landscaped terraces and a pool deck.

This architectural elevation provides a general idea of what a new mixed-use tower may look like, planned for West El Paso. (City of El Paso)
All areas in and around the tower will be landscaped, and the colors and “tones” of the building will include shades of bronze, ochre, and red.

Meyers Group of Florida is behind the development and opened an El Paso office in 2015 to “manage new real estate developments, specifically multi-family, market-rate projects throughout the western region of the country,” according to its website.

The master zoning plan shows the footprint of the 22-story tower (in blue) which will include retail, hotel, and residential units in West El Paso. (City of El Paso)
“We see significant potential for growth in El Paso and are currently identifying strategic opportunities to invest, develop or renovate multiple properties in the region,” said Stuart I. Meyers, Chairman and CEO of the Meyers Group, in a press release announcing the El Paso office.

The new tower in El Paso will be located at 201 Shadow Mountain Drive, which Sunland Park Drive turns into east of Mesa Street. No timeline for construction is disclosed in the master zoning plan, though the City Plan Commission will consider the rezoning application at its April 21, 2016 meeting.

Source: El Paso Development News